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2021/2022 Season Summary


As another trout season started to roll around New Zealand tourism operators kept their fingers crossed for open borders, full books, after a hard 18 months living under the restrictions of a Covid controlled world. It became firmly apparent this was not going to be the case. Guiding in New Zealand to make a living became something of what felt like a 'pipe dream'. Many of us has found consistent work in other industries. Building and fencing work kept the boat afloat for another year. Until the world found it's normality, we would have accepts ours in work outside the guiding industry. I did continue instructing and guiding my local kiwi customers, both new and return. I really can't thank you all enough who did fish with me this past season. Every booking makes a difference to my guiding/instructional service being avaliable to operate at all, so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

NZ Fly Fishing
Jack Kos Fly Fishing
New Zealand Fly Fishing

Good mate Jack Kos and I saddled up for our annual 'bite off more than we can chew, opening day mission 2 backcountry rivers in 3 days flat plus a massive walk out. Hell of a mission but worth every step!! No kerosene taxi this time....

Fly Tackle NZ
Sage Fly Rods & Reels

The 'Flytackle New Zealand Family' boys Andrew Burden, Claudio Wyss came south from Taupo to try their hand at some Lower North backcountry. Tough day, some big fish seen and hooked. Swiss cheese hooked a real big boy on a dry but hook never set proper. He found redemption with this stunner on a nymph close to the end of the day. Loose most win some!!!

Manawtau Fly Fishing
Altitude flyfishing
Altitude Fly Fishing

Valued return local kiwi Anglers putting in the good effort on their local backyard. Pretty good alternative to busy airports and crowded international tourist destinations I reckon!

New Zealand Saltwater fly fishing

Steve Brown with a  well presented crab fly to tailing yellowtail kingfish. Although not tailing in the photo these 8-15lb fish were feeding hard off the back off this short tail black ray. Note the green backs of the kingfish around the stingray. Similar behaviour to Permit on rays.

North Island saltwater fly fishing

Tarn Mack-Mcewen lands a stunning king off a short tail stingray in very shallow water. This fish ate his large popper fly with serious aggression! Fly rod of choice - 9ft 12wt Sage Salt HD Extended fighting handle for these powerhouses!

Rangitikei River fly fishing

Perfect Rangitikei River rainbow for Maurice & Karen @ Alpine Lodge New Zealand

North Island Fly fishing

Utilising Alpine Lodges 4x4 Can am ATV, we can get you right into the best headwater angling and eat your cake too!

Wellington Fly fishing

Here, Valued return customer Dan Dykstra wandering in a fly Fishermans paradise....

Altitude flyfishing

Ross & David lifting their dry fly skillset on a fun 2 day campout. Woomfah!

backcountry flyfishing
Altitude Fly Fishing
helicopter fishing nz

Stunning 6.5lb Brown for Mike Mudford on a dry fly just before our campsite!

34 + Celcius days in the backcountry call for the worlds best swims to chill off... Ross & David can't think of a better place to be!!!

An MD500E helicopter is a very welcome sight at the end of a campout. Mike's first helicopter trip into the backcountry. We know the best and safest mountain pilots in the Lower North

trout fishing seasons nz

We know the best water, on the best rivers on each given day of each weather pattern. Our expertise is unrivalled.

Johnny Gummer

The end of a 4 day Heli Campout in jurrasic park trout country. The Ferrari of safe helicopters, MD520 Notar picking up these tired but happy anglers! Beats 2 days of legwork!!

Now taking bookings for the 2022/23 season. Give me a call and lock in the best dates of the season before they fill up fast. The calendar is already getting booked up so don't miss out on the best of the best.

I'm looking forward to sharing more great experiences and adventures with return customers and new anglers next season. 

Now we wait for open borders!!


Join me for a walk into the finest trout real estate on the planet - Specialist guided fly fishing adventures in New Zealand's Lower North Island

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