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Your Guide & Instructor

"Johnny has every trout quirk and habit figured out and has a wealth of skills and technical knowledge - watch him flash tie a blood knot. He is a motivated and excellent teacher and does it in a way that will up your game big time. 

Johnny is an extraordinary and inspiring guy and the ultimate on the water guide, instructor and companion"


Clive Robinson - Alabama, USA

Fly fishing is the center of my life. New Zealand has some of the finest waterways, scenery and wildlife in which I have immersed myself. Growing up close to so much available water, my time in this region has allowed me to gain an in-depth, intimate knowledge about our best waters. From lowland meadow streams to our wild mountain rivers, the Lower North Island is where I call home.


Johnny Gummer, your specialist North Island Fly Fishing Guide




This is your chance to experience amazing New Zealand

Fly Fishing in the Lower North Island and beyond.


Based in Palmerston North, New Zealand,  Johnny Gummer

operates Altitude Fly fishing out of Palmerston North, Wellington,

Wairarapa, Hawkes Bay and Taupo.

By joining me for an unforgettable angling quest, my commitment

is to provide a professional and memorable experience, with a

central focus to raise your angling skills and chance of success.


I have been heavily involved in competitive fly fishing at a Regional, National and World Championship Level. I have represented New Zealand at the USA Youth World, Canada Commonwealth and New Zealand Oceania Championships.

I have represented Team New Zealand at the 2019 World Fly fishing Championships In Tasmania where I placed in the top 50.

The thousands of hours that I have invested into competition and my the sport has made me the analytical, tactical and creative guide/instructor that I am today.

Johnny Gummer New Zealand Fly Fishing G

Session 4 2019 World Fly Fishing Championships Meander River, Tasmania


I have turned my focus to guiding and instructing, which is a source of energy for me. I look forward to sharing my approach and mindset in a way you have never seen before. 

Johnny currently holds an International Certified Casting Instructor Qualification (IFFF CI)


Full member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association (NZPFGA)

Johnny doing what he loves most, searching for new water and large browntrout!

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